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Shmuel Elbaz | Residence Conductor

Residence Conductor:  Shmuel Elbaz – conductor and mandolin artist 

Shmuel Elbaz , born in Be’er Sheva , graduated from the Conservatory in Be’er Sheva, Jerusalem Academy of Music and the Academy of Music in Amsterdam in the faculties of conducting and art of performance. Studied with the conductors Prof. Mendi Rodan, Prof.Stanley Sperber, Peter Etvöse , David Forslein , Roland Kift and Lior shambadal.

Since 2016 shmuel is the rsident conductor of the Netanya Kibuts chamber orchestra.

Since 2002 has served as Principal Conductor of the Israel Andalusian Orchestra.

In 2006 , during the period under his musical direction, the orchestra was awarded the Israel Prize” for its contribution to society and state in culture.”

Appears as a guest conductor with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Rishon Lezion Symphonic, Symphony Haifa , Netanya Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra , the Israel Stage Orchestra , sinfonietta Beer Sheva, Israel Chamber Orchestra and Ashdod Symphony orchestra and more.

Shmuel is a Mandolin soloist and first graduate from the Jerusalem Academy of Music in this instrument . during his conducting shmuel performs as a mandolin soloist with most major orchestras in Israel , the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra , Chamber of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Symphony , Ensemble 21st century , Sinfonietta Beer Sheva, Ashdod Chamber Orchestra , Symphony Orchestra Rishon Lezion , Israel Kibbutz Orchestra , Stage Orchestra Israeli stage orchestra and more.

Shmuel established , played and directed the Israeli Mandolin Quartet.

In August 2003 he won a first prize at the prestigious international plucked instruments ensembles held in La – Rioja , Spain/ Shmuel recorded a world premiere the ‘Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin by Johann Sebastian Bach’ . The recording has aroused great interest , and played numerous times on radio stations around the world.

Shmuel served in 2002-2005 as a lecturer at Haifa University Department of Music and the Department of interdisciplinary studies teaching music theory courses.

Lecturer in the unit for Excellence in Education at Ben Gurion and in Sapir college at the soundtrack film studies department .

In 2004 he founded and has been director of the music conservatory in Netivot.

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