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Shmuel Elbaz

Musician | Conductor | Mandolin artist

שמואל אלבז
שמואל אלבז

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On March 11, 2002, I recorded the piece Oración - "Prayer" by the Israeli composer Dalit Raij
Written for Mandolin and Guitar and dedicated to me by the composer.
All the works of Dalit that I knew  penetrated the depths of my soul and emotion. Her ability to tell a story with guitar tones and stunning harmony made me very excited evey time.
I turned to Dalit and asked her to write something for the mandolin as well. It took a while but finally an exciting and surprising message came with the piece enclosed. I decided to record it immediately and I feel so lucky that the wonderful guitarist  Shiri Coneh has joined me and here is the piece in front of you. Hope you'll enjoy listening.

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