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Shmuel Elbaz

Musician | Conductor | Mandolin artist

שמואל אלבז
שמואל אלבז

Latest  Updates

In November 2023, I released my new album of duets for two Mandolins. I play together with the Mandolin artist Roy Dayan. The album called “Enigma” contains works from the Baroque period through the Classical and Romantic time up to the 21st century. The album was recorded at Eshel Studios in Tel Aviv. recorded by Zohar Zalts


You can listen to the album on all streaming platforms and here on my website. In this album we bring to the listeners the Be'er Sheva school of music in Israel, that is widespread all over the world.


My Mandolin is built by the Indian luthier Minto Biswas. Roy Dayan plays the Kerman’s Mandolin. I would love to hear your comments.

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